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According to legend, there is an artefact, a mysterious box, containing the powers of the five great Tiki hidden somewhere on a tropical island. It is believed that those elemental powers might be the key to awaken the island from its slumber, revealing its secrets and treasures. Literally the whole island is said to celebrate this event all night by choosing one Tiki to perform in the ancient ritual and bring wealth to the clan. Now the time has come to awaken the island once again!

Are you ready for a wild adventure in this video slot with 25 paylines full of action-packed features and of course, lots of wilds?

Mystery Box
Get Mystery Box Symbols and unleash the powers of the TROPICAL WILDS™ to trigger one of five features. Enhance your winning combinations with a bunch of wilds, boost your winnings by multiplying, double your wilds, connect them or chain some Wild Tornado Spins to win big.

Wild Free Spins
Once three Wild Free Spin Scatter Symbols appear, the whole island awakes and becomes a party, literally. One member of the TROPICAL WILDS™ will be chosen to participate in the ancient ritual, initiating six Wild Free Spins with guaranteed wilds of the chosen type during each spin.

TROPICAL WILDS™ is a medium volatility premium video slot designed to meet today’s needs of online casino operators. The game is available for desktop & mobile on modern web browsers across popular devices.

Say yes to adventure! Grab your best sunscreen, set sails to paradise and start your quest to awaken the island.

TROPICAL WILDS™ video slot base game screenshot
TROPICAL WILDS™ video slot Mystery Box Feature screenshot
TROPICAL WILDS™ video slot Regular Wild screenshot
TROPICAL WILDS™ video slot Boost Wild screenshot
TROPICAL WILDS™ video slot Outburst Wild screenshot
TROPICAL WILDS™ video slot Mega Win screenshot

Game Features

  • Boost Wild
  • Outburst Wild
  • Pathfinder Wild
  • Tornado Wild
  • Wild Free Spins

Game Facts

  • Reels: 5x3
  • Win Lines: 25 fixed
  • RTP: 96.47%
  • Languages: 32
  • Volatility: medium