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Thousands of years ago, when the war against the dark hordes was lost, the fallen kings gathered their riches to bury them deep below ground. A treasure chamber far beyond human imagination embedded in the middle of an endless dungeon maze, built for one purpose only: To drive thieves and adventure-seekers to insanity and to keep the secret of the kings’ riches – forever. You’re not scared, are you?

This truly heroic video slot experience merges an extended 5x5-reel set, driven by a cluster - win mechanism with a mighty feature combination:

Moving Walls: The Moving Wall Feature tries to cause disorientation but can be very rewarding. It gets triggered if an initial spin results in a cluster-win. In the following spin reels get shifted around resulting in new win symbol arrangements. The feature lasts as long as cluster-wins are achieved.

Treasure Chamber Free Spins: Things get serious once the door to the treasure chamber has been unlocked. When setting foot in the final stage, the TREASURE HEROES™ must fight against the undead guardian. Each won fight turns the respective hero into a Fixed Wild Symbol which lasts until the end of the Free Spins.

TREASURE HEROES™ is a medium volatility premium video slot designed to meet today’s needs of online casino operators. The game is available for desktop & mobile on modern web browsers across popular devices.

“It´s high time to find a way through the labyrinth, it’s time to summon the TREASURE HEROES™!”

TREASURE HEROES™ video slot base game screenshot
TREASURE HEROES™ video slot cluster win screenshot
TREASURE HEROES™ video slot Moving Wall Feature screenshot
TREASURE HEROES™ video slot Moving Wall Feature screenshot
TREASURE HEROES™ video slot Free Spins Event screenshot
TREASURE HEROES™ video slot Free Spins Feature screenshot

Game Features

  • Moving Walls
  • Treasure Chamber Free Spins

Game Facts

  • Reels: 5x5
  • Win Lines: Win Cluster
  • RTP: 96.12%
  • Languages: 32
  • Volatility: medium