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They say where there’s gold, there’s at least one dwarf looking for it. But where there´s gold, there´s also a bad-tempered dragon sitting on it. Well, who cares what they say?

Jump in a mining car and join three crazy dwarves on their quest for fame and fortune. Their names: Thundar, Driler and Bombur. Fearless dwarves equipped with unique mining abilities and keen to laugh into the face of danger. Diagnosis: MINING FEVER™

Dwarven Bonus Spins
Land 2 identical Scatter Symbols to call one of the dwarves into action. Strike gold veins with Driler’s Dwarven Drill, be part of the mining boom, literally, with Bombur’s Dwarven Bomb and hit it big with Thundar’s Dwarven Hammer.

Dwarven Gold Train Feature
3 different Scatter Symbols make the dwarves join forces to hurl themselves into the ultimate mining adventure. The Dwarven Gold Train ploughs through the dragon´s treasure chamber leaving a trail of rewarding Wild Symbols. During 8 Free Spins, the dwarves do what they do best, lining their pockets with gems and gold!

RABCAT GAMBLING designed this low volatility premium video slot to meet today’s needs of online casino operators. The game is available for desktop & mobile on modern web browsers across popular devices.

Good mining. Good luck!

Product sheet
MINING FEVER™ video slot base game screenshot
MINING FEVER™ video slot Driler's Dwarven Drill Feature screenshot
MINING FEVER™ video slot Bombur's Dwarven Bomb Feature screenshot
MINING FEVER™ video slot Thundar's Dwarven Hammer Feature screenshot
MINING FEVER™ video slot Free Spins Event screenshot
MINING FEVER™ video slot Mega Win screenshot

Game Features

  • Thundar's Dwarven Hammer
  • Bombur's Dwarven Bomb
  • Driler's Dwarven Drill
  • Free Spins with Dwarven Gold Train

Game Facts

  • Reels: 5x3
  • Win Lines: 243 ways
  • RTP: 96.13%
  • Languages: 32
  • Volatility: low